Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to Use Reverse Phone Record Search to Find Who You Have Been Calling To

While your cell phone service provider holds the record of every subscriber, why you need to access the online reverse phone record search to find out the details of the person you got a call from or called to? So, what are the records your cell phone service providers have and what are those that online reverse phone records have? And how the above two are different? This article walks you through the benefits your cell phone provider gives and the benefits you get from accessing online reverse phone search records.
Benefits your cell phone provider gives:
As you may have already knew, you can access all the calls you have made during a particular span of time. The phone numbers of all the calls along with their duration and charges accompanied are all stored by your cell phone provider.
In addition to that, you can also have the following benefits:
1. Detailed list of incoming call received along with their numbers, call duration and charges.
2. Text messages - how many are sent and received.
3. Overseas Calls - List of number of calls received and sent with numbers.
4. Detailed Bill with all the phone numbers and break down of charges by calls with any extra monthly charges.
5. Brief description of the location of the calls received from.
Even if you are not examining already, you have to take a look at your cell phone records, which are usually mailed to your address along with the bill on every billing cycle, so that you can verify and scrutinize the calls if they are 100% accurate and the bill is not erratic. Once you verify that, you can then know for what you are paying every month and also file a complaint incase if you have billed for anomalous calls that you did not make.
Nowadays you can access your cell phone records online, which means you don't have to wait till you are mailed them at your door every month. You can access your cell phone usage anytime and easily find out how many free calls are remaining for the month. Just an internet connection would help you do that.
With cell phone records accessible conveniently, there are some risk that have to be wary of and prevent them before hand from happening to you. However the risk rates are not that higher, you need to aware of them, especially if you are enjoying your convenience of accessing and tracking cell phone usage on the internet. People who fraudulently file for an online account using your address can access your account. Also some 3rd party service claim to give you online access for a fee, you must be aware that you cell phone records are the part of privilege your cell phone providers gives you. How you can avoid these risks? Just make sure to do the following steps if you haven't done so already:
1. Immediately after opening an online cell phone record account, you are assigned an temporary password which is easy to guess, you need to change it to some difficult to guess - something with numbers, alphabets and symbols combination such as $u5@n_3@ry instead of susan_mary.
2. Don't share your password with anybody.
Now you know that the cell phone records are the part of the privilege your cell phone providers gives you and how to use them, be aware of some risks and track calls to determine remaining free calls left, file complaint on erratic situations. Now let's talk about the benefits of accessing "Reverse Phone records" online.
Benefits of accessing reverse phone records:
1. Cell phone records provided by your cell phone provider are just limited to information such as location, phone number, duration of call and charges. What if you need to know the details of person of a certain phone number? You can access that information with reverse phone records search.
2. With reverse phone search you can access the phone number owner's name, address and any history of fraud.
Now that you know the difference between cell phone records and the reverse cell phone records, use them wisely.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Second Generation IPhone - All You Need to Know About Apple's 3G IPhone

There has been a simply insane amount of hype towards Apple's second-generation smart phone killer, the iPhone. Everyone has heard the rumors - Apple is releasing a 3G enabled iPhone at some point in June -- and now, it seems that is absolutely true. Today (8th June) the patent for the new device found its way online, and it confirms absolutely everything we've heard. 3G support via HSDPA? Of course. Video chat? Yep. IM? That too. Now, what's this... GPS? Wow, yes, that too. The second gen iPhone will have Satellite Navigation built right in, integrated in to Google Maps. The new version will also sport a sexy new design after advertising for the 3G iPhone leaked on the internet.

According to analysts, the 3G-enabled iPhone could be selling for as little as $150 on a mid-range Tariff, and even free on higher level price plans. Currently, the cheapest tariff offer on the iPhone is $50 per month; this is simply too much for a lot of light mobile phone users - myself included.
Additionally, we hear there are solid plans in place for a contract free Pay As You Go version of the device to be launched for around $349.
All in all this is excellent news and should boost iPhone sales considerably. The same news applies to other markets such as the UK, where O2 is the exclusive provider of the iPhone: O2 have plans to offer current customers a completely free upgrade to the next generation cell phone.
As if all of this wasn't already enough good news, the really popular video player VLC has been ported to the iPhone. What exactly does this mean? It means that a large slew of new file formats are now playable on the little device - and that's obviously a good thing!
We are expecting the 3G iPhone to launch around June 13th worldwide.
Kieran Rose is chief-editor of, an online Apple iPhone magazine.
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